There are two, YES TWO, giveaways scheduled to take place over on my Facebook page! Tee hee…. my birthday puts me in a generous, giving mood. 😉 The one today, scheduled to start very, very soon is for my new Zuli Tunic.  The one for tomorrow starts in the AM and one lucky winner will get to choose ANY pattern they wish from my Ravelry Store!  Sponsored by Tabetha Hedrick, Knitwear Designs and not associated with Facebook in any way,

Zuli Tunic

My oldest daughter is 8 years old (actually, she’ll be 9 in less than 3 weeks) and recently insisted we head to the yarn store so she could pick some yarn, “I really need you to make me a new top, mama.” I, of course, couldn’t say no to that! Apparently, my fiber calling has neglected the needs of my sweet girls, so I devoted time to knitting them just the right thing (yes, my youngest will be showing off