The Faux Round Swatch

The Faux Round Swatch

Side note: This tutorial of mine originally appeared in the Editor’s Blog over at Creative Knitting. I’m a regular contributor there (on the blog, newsletter, magazine… GRIN!), so I hope you go check it out and support us! 🙂 Most of us love a good circular, seamless project and the very idea of socks, hats, top-down raglans, or circular yokes brings us a joy that is virtually palpable. Well, except the little gauge swatching part (because we ALL do our gauge swatch, right?!). This area

More Than Memories: Teaching Our Children to Knit

Side note: This tutorial of mine originally appeared in the Editor’s Blog over at Creative Knitting. I’m a regular contributor there (on the blog, newsletter, magazine… GRIN!), so I hope you go check it out and support us! 🙂 I have a beautiful friend who, after several years of illness, has made a hard realization that time might be much shorter for her. It’s a sobering thought, especially when one considers that it is true for all of us, regardless

Shea Scarf + Tutorial!

I am a personal fan of all things uncomplicated, especially when the results are delicate, deliciously textural, and beautiful. Enter the lovely Shea Scarf. Didn’t my model, the amazing Lorien, do a fabulous job? 🙂 This charming little number is knit up in Knit Picks Diadem, an insanely soft fingering weight yarn. It takes only one skein (315 yards/288 m of yarn) and I would rate this perfect for the beginner eager to add a new stitch to the repertoire. No special

Busy at work…

I’ve been a busy, busy bee working on a couple of different things. Each will be making its way to you in the next few weeks, but how about a sneak peak at what I think might very well be the softest, most buttery yarn I’ve ever worked with…. mmmm…. FYI: the yarn is Knit Picks Diadem (Fingering). Oh, boy — are you going to think you’ve gone to heaven… Be sure to a) use bamboo needles because it is

Woodland Caps to Knit Giveaway

Have you been to Jo-Ann’s lately? Right now, they are the exclusive provider of my latest booklet, Woodland Caps to Knit. This entire project, from start to finish, has been one of the most fun, sweet, and entertaining things I have ever worked on. I love it SO much! From the charming gnome cottage and fairy house to the sweet piglet or moose cap, your kids are going to ADORE these knits as much as my own kids do (and

Seaming Made Easy (Really!)

Seaming Made Easy (Really!)

I can’t think of a single person in my circle of friends who doesn’t shudder at the very idea of seaming. All of those pieces needing to be sewn together, the random bits of yarn strands, which needle to use, selvedge edges? It’s enough to cause even the most advanced knitter a bit of angst. While seamless, or circular projects can have an instant gratification effect for the knitter, seamed garments have important advantages not to be forgotten: increased structure