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Most of us are already familiar with the usual decreases: K2tog, that beautiful right-slanting decrease (and it really is the most beautiful decrease!), and Ssk (slip, slip, knit), the left-leaning opposite. These two workhorses have served us well when we’ve needed to work shaping into our projects. So, we should be pretty content with our decreasing situation, right? No!

In this blog post, you are going to learn the different decrease variations, as well as how to decrease 2, 3, and even 4 stitches in distinctive directions. Applicable to nearly all aspects of knitting, the decreasing tricks you are about to learn will encourage you to explore new combinations, both functional and decorative, when shaping your armholes, shawls, waist lines, or even sock toes.

First, let’s clear something up about the Left-Leaning Decrease; there’s more than one way to decrease that 1 stitch and each variation produces the same result. For some, one method might look slightly tighter and more uniform, so I encourage you to try out each technique and choose the one that most suits you for your “go to.”

  • SSK Option 1 (my personal choice) – slip the next stitch as if to knit, the next as if to purl, then insert your LH needle into the front of those two stitches together and knit.

ssk image ssk text image

  • SSK Option 2 – slip the next stitch as if to knit, the next as if to knit, then insert your LH needle into the front of those two stitches together and knit.
  • SSK Option 3 – slip the next stitch as if to purl, the next as if to purl, then insert your LH needle into the front of those two stitches together and knit (this does tend to result in the most sloppy look).
  • S1-k1-psso – slip the next stitch as if to knit, knit 1 stitch and then pass the slipped stitch over.

Suppose you need to work double decreases, that is, to decrease 2 stitches in one swift move? You’ll often find this in herringbone lace patterns, but it is helpful when you need more rapid decreases while shaping a sweater armhole, sleeve, waist line, or more. The S1-k2tog-psso is often the route I go…

s1 k2tog psso image s1 k2tog psso text image

The last two left-leaning decreases I’m about to show allow you to rapidly decrease 3 or 4 stitches at a time. While they aren’t the prettiest things to happen to knitting, they can provide interesting texture for raglan sleeve shaping or toe shaping, as well as get you ready for more advanced lace work.

s3 k1 psso image s3 k1 psso text image

s4 k1 psso image s4 k1 psso text image

We all know and love the k2tog decrease. Fast, efficient, and smooth as a baby’s bum (well, almost).

k2tog image k2tog text image

Yet, by mimicking this stitch, we can decrease 2 or 3 stitches at a time in the same manner! If you need to decrease 2 stitches at once, insert your RH needle into the next 3 stitches and knit together. 3 sts? Same thing, except grab 4 of those next stitches – essentially, you add 1 extra stitch to the total number of stitches you wish to decrease. Again, these are helpful when rapid decreases are needed and/or when a little visual interest is required.

k3tog image k3tog text image k4 tog text image

The k5tog stitch is a little trickier because … well, that many stitches can be a lot to jam a knitting needle through. A crochet hook comes in handy at times like this (and once you master this, you will easily be ready to advance into the world of nupps!).

k5tog image k5tog text image

The last decrease I’d like to share with you is one of my personal favorites – the Central Decrease. This double decrease (2 stitches decreased) is perfect for raglan sleeves or circular yokes worked from the bottom up, skirt shaping, and even makes toe shaping just different enough for personal satisfaction. Border it with eyelets for a real eye catching piece!

s2tog k1 psso image s2tog k1 psso text image

I hope the mini picture tutorials have opened your eyes to the world beyond K2tog and Ssk and that you are excited about the many shaping opportunities now at your disposal. Knitting is an art form, both functionally and decoratively, and so it is only natural that the realm of decreasing performs just as interestingly.

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