I’m a sucker for needles as much as I am for colorful or soft yarn. But, I feel like I don’t have to look much further than my fabulously amazing Addi Click Lace TipsI love them so much, I have to rave a bit. Humor me. 🙂

Addi Needles

I own both the Long and Short Tip Sets, as well as extra tips (because, well, I knit a LOT). I’ve put them through the ringer over the past two years and they have performed beautifully. The tips are just pointy enough to handle cabling without a cable needle, multiple-stitch decreases, and lots of lifts, wraps, and nupps, yet not so sharp that you end up with holes or calluses in your fingers (and I’ve been there).

The needles click into place with a spring-loaded action. It isn’t the absolute smoothest join out there (lace-weight yarn and fuzzy fingering-weight tend to struggle with it a bit), but I love that it never comes apart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost stitches and yarn because of interchangeables that unscrew while I’m working.

Addi Case

I started out with the Long Tips because that hot pink case made me get weak in the knees, but not too long after, I added the Short Tips to my tool bin so I could work in smaller circumferences easier. My one other critique is mild – the oils on my fingers or the yarn (?) seem to wear the sizing information off of the cables and fades the stamp on the needles. Overall, not a big deal for me. Its an expensive set, but at this point, I can proclaim that it is worthy! Haha! Definitely give them a test! Addi Needles2

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