My holiday and work plans have not … well, gone as planned. Back on October 27, my husband decided to take a little fall off his bicycle which resulted in, what I fondly call, a dum-dum wound (you might recognize that phrase from Lethal Weapon 3). Basically, the dear man fell and tore every ligament in his thumb meaning that he was in surgery three days later. While that in and of itself hasn’t been difficult, the short-term disability he is required to take has been.

broken thumb ligamentsNeedless to say, finances are all askew. For the first few days, I had another child to take care of in many ways – he needed help buttoning his pants after going to the bathroom, tying his shoes, putting on his shirt, cutting his meat, and opening bags or jars. Oh, how he handled it with grace, though! He’s doing MUCH better now that they’ve put him in a different cast and has proven to be such a blessing to have “underfoot.” My man has been folding clothes, loading the dishwasher, and cleaning bathrooms. All while I toil away on work. I kinda thought he’d be mopey or in the way, but I’m actually feeling sad about him returning to work. It isn’t just the chores he’s helped with, but the fact that he has been so supportive of what I’m trying to do, seeing how I work, and thoughtfully using this time like many of us would use a sabbatical; re-discovering who he is and what he wants out of life. Who knew so much could be learned from your thumb?! Haha!


I do admit that the finances have had me anxious, but throughout this temporary situation, I’ve discovered so many wonderful things to be grateful about: my parent’s help, my husband’s can-do attitude, my children’s joy at having their dad pick them up for school for this little while, and my wonderful friends who have had nothing but encouragement. All that said, I am finishing up a new pattern and I hope you buy it (I really hope you do). Wink.¬†Want to see a super secret snapshot?

Secret Snapshot

I’m positively in love with it from the stitches to the yarn…. Be on the lookout for the pattern release SOON!

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