Happy New Year from www.tabethahedrick.com The New Year is here and with it comes so many hopes, ideas, dreams, and goals that renew in my heart. I’m not one for “resolutions”, or even new goals for the year, per say. Instead, I am frequently (monthly and weekly) re-evaluating what my goals regularly so that I am continually moving towards where I want to be, chasing that “future self.” One thing that I do love, though, is choosing a theme for the year. At the end of the year, I decide whether or not that chosen theme was realized.

In 2014, my theme was Overcome & Succeed and … I think that theme still sits in place at the end of the year. I was given amazing opportunities to advance my skills, grow my abilities, and increase my personal level of success, from putting together two booklets (Woodland Caps to Knit and A Playful Palette of 10 Knitted Accessories) to acting as Editor for my first magazine (Shawls, Capelets, & Cowls). It was immensely exciting to develop new and unique shawl patterns, film an online class, and take on more writing responsibilities last year, too.  Indeed, I feel as though I have succeeded in many ways! But, there were plenty of bumps in the road and more than a few bruises that brought enough set-backs to rattle my confidence. I experienced more than a couple of health difficulties that delayed a lot of my planned projects and I even had to let go of a fair number of them in order to maintain. Finances were a struggle when my husband ended up on short-term disability. But, each moment, each experience allowed me to go deeper inside, to truly discover the hidden wellspring of faith, peace, and joy that I had unknowingly ignored. When I look back on 2014, I see success, family connection, and perseverance as the foundations of my life.

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And now, as I enter the door into 2015, I’m going to stamp it as the Year of Growth. My determination is stronger than ever and I am ready to grow in new directions, new ideas, and exciting new ways. I was telling my husband the other day that I could just tell 2015 is going to be a stellar year.

“Why’s that?” he asked. “Because, just look at the numbers … 2014 looks pretty basic, but that number 5 stands there so strongly, so prominently, it just looks like a kick-ass number!” He may or may not have rolled his eyes at me.

I’m choosing one thing in each area of my life that I want to nurture like each raindrop doing its part to nurture the ground it falls on. A few of my plans are clear as day (I want to learn French and heal my body of the weakness and fatigue that haunts it), but a few are still in the processing stages. Oh, yes, I have BIG ideas, some of which I think you are going to be excited about, so I’m taking the time to fine-tune them, cultivate them, and ensure true clarity of vision. 2015… yes, it will definitely be a year of Growing, both inward and outward.

So, tell me, dear friends, what dreams do you have for this New Year?

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