I was reading the other day about how only 1 in 3 Americans consider themselves very happy. For you math nerds out there, that’s only 33% of us! I can’t help but wonder if those 66% percent ever thought about delving deep into the handcraft realm, such as knitting, crochet, or embroidery. Knitting has been all over the national news media lately because of the numerous mental health and anti-aging benefits due to its serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin effects (thank you spatial motor tasks for giving me exercise without making me feel like its exercise!), so it seems perfectly natural to me that one open the door to this route of pleasure and joy!

And that’s where Mrs. Crosby yarns comes in because what a delight it was to play with some of their fibers this week. Even when battling a nasty cold (truly, I think its one of the worst colds I have ever had), my spirit was lifted with the lively, engaging fiber-y twists.

Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com

“A great yarn is like a great man. A little work creates something wonderful you’ll want to have around for years.” – Mrs. Crosby.

If you love Lorna’s Laces, you’ll truly enjoy their sister company, Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play; a fun experiment on new processes, colors, yarns, and fiber enthusiasm. It’s a completely new brand, with its own story and soul to share, new yarn-y adventures to be had. Indeed, their entire process is so different that they have a separate dying studio in which to create their Mrs. Crosby magic.

Who is Mrs. Crosby, though? I’m not all entirely sure, but her charm and sass is completely endearing. The website is just a tickle, with delightful, musing “letters” from Mrs. Crosby herself, begun with “Dear Hearts” and regaling readers with stories of tape measure stealing monkeys or the beginning of a great romance with Dash Crosby.

My yarn play this week was with two of their yarns:

Steamer Trunk, a tightly spun, springy, lively, and completely entertaining worsted-weight of 100% superwash merino. I am enamored with the texture and versatility of this yarn.

Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com

And Hat Box (aren’t the names just enchanting?), which is a 75% superwash merino with a touch of silk and cashmere wrapped up in a Sport to DK weight. In addition to being addictively soft, Hat Box is just gloriously bouncy and lofty with a gentle twist.

Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play. www.tabethahedrick.com

Spritely. That’s the word that keeps coming to mind.

Swing back by tomorrow and I’ll share the stitch pattern instructions for your own yarn play!

Tabetha plays with different yarns and stitch patterns pretty regularly and writes about her experimentation here on the blog in the categories: Yarn Play and Stitch Play. Join her in swatching and playing to uncover the delightful characteristics of new yarns and patterns! 


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