The Week looks crazy. Hey, my fiber-loving peeps! The schedule this coming up crazy week is going to be a bit … hairy. To say the least. I’ll won’t be putting up a Yarn or Stitch Play post this week, but I thought I’d take a moment to let you know the insanely wild stuff that has been and will soon be.

Last week … ahem… I accepted a job offer! Squeal! I can’t say TOO much about it publicly yet, but suffice to say that it is the type of job I’ve been praying for. Grin. Yours truly is overseeing knitwear collections and content strategy for an amazing yarn company while working from home. In fact … I wonder if, in the weeks leading up to the public announcement, I should make it a game with prizes? Hmmm…. I think that may well be a real possibility!

With the job AND two major projects (and I mean MAJOR) to finish, it means my month of June is going to be brutal. But, before I can even look at the rest of the month, I have to get through next week. I am leaving early Friday morning for TNNA – The National NeedleArts Association trade show. It comes around twice a year and it’s where all of us yarnie professionals come together to see what’s new, what’s hot, what’s out, and what’s what in the fiber world. It’s a go-go-go weekend, but I’ll be sure to tell you all about it as soon as my head stops spinning from it. Which might be a while:

Monday – get home.

Tuesday – drive Pops back to the airport and it’s the kid’s last day of school. Pops is my stepdad and he’s flying in to act as babysitter while the husband works. I’m so lucky. 🙂

Wednesday – kids have Field Day.

Thursday – the husband goes in for his shoulder surgery and I get to play nurse in the afternoon.

So, I’m thinking the week after TNNA might be a whole new level of crazy. And I still need to transplant my garden veggies and plant some seeds. I won’t even think of the housework. I just refuse. Think of me? Eep!

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