I love being able to share my knitting insanity with people and I try to get to it as much as I can here on the blog, but did you know that you can find me in a few other places, as well? In the Creative Knitting Online Newsletter, you’ll find tutorials, trends, and fiber-lovin’ commentary!

Creative Knitting Online NewsletterIn addition to my roles as wife, mother, knitter, writer, photographer, designer … I am also the Online Editor for their newsletter. It’s a crazy life I lead, I tell ya!

Every three weeks, the newsletter arrives in your inbox with all the tips and tricks and thoughts I can muster up. For example, the most recent issue that came out last week shares a full photo tutorial on how to handle that missed yarn over, a free scarf pattern, some of my favorite springtime linen yarns, and a list of fantastic websites that are a must for knitters!

Creative Knitting Online NewsletterAs time consuming as it can be, it is one of my favorite projects – probably because of that whole “I love sharing” thing. Grin.

So, go check it out over at their website or sign up for the subscription in your inbox.

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