This year … has had quite an impact on my mindset, causing me to re-evaluate the future and plan new things, but there’s been this undercurrent of change that stretches beyond just the work thing and into every aspect of my life. It’s really been about overcoming my own limitations, realizing my purpose, and doing what is important.

When my kids were wee little, we moved to Colorado from North Carolina. My youngest, Sophie, was just over one and Ayla was three, so I was still suffering that “I’m a young mom and have no idea what I’m doing and this sucks” phase of parenting on top of the trauma moving across the country. At the time, too, my marriage to The Goat was rocky as we waded the trials of it all. It was a hard time in my life. Anyways, shortly after we moved here, my husband wanted to hike the trail to Hanging Lake. For those who don’t know, it is a WICKEDLY brutal hike over 2 miles with 1600+ feet of climbing. What that means is you just go straight up the side of the mountain and it nearly kills you. There are probably 50 signs warning you are horrendous the hike is going to be for a mile before you even get to the trail head! HA! Needless to say, I was out of shape, I was tired, I was in a bad head space, and … I couldn’t make it. We got about 3/8 of the way up and I started crying. My back hurt (I was having to carry Sophie while The Goat helped Ayla), my feet hurt, my chest hurt. I was truly miserable. So, we came back down and drove home in bitter silence. Yeah… not awesome.

Remember what I said about making changes this year? One of those was health related (so far, I have gotten delightfully strong, lost 6 pounds, and 2.5 inches from the waist, hips, and chest). The other was “trying again.” So, a couple of weeks ago for Father’s Day, I saved up to take the family away for two days and we headed straight for Hanging Lake.

Always Try Again. Tab's trip to Hanging Lake Always Try Again. Tab's trip to Hanging Lake Always Try Again. Tab's trip to Hanging LakeAnd you know what? I made it. I made it to the top and I did it with strength, pride, and power. Yeah, baby!

Always Try Again. Tab's trip to Hanging Lake Always Try Again. Tab's trip to Hanging LakeMy point is, dearest peeps, don’t let little things hold you back. Keep your head up and try again.

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