Yarn Play: Berroco Maya. www.tabethahedrick.comYou guys, I am done. Done with these huge, major, heavy, suck-your-life-away-for-a-month projects! I AM FREEEEEE!!! The lightness my shoulders feel is unbelievable. Easy, carefree, and feeling as though the future is wide open to every possibility again. And it means I can get back to my favorite thing: playing happily with yarn.

And oh, do I have a lovely yarn that you’ll want to get: Berroco Maya. I snapped it up at my local yarn shop (the Recycled Lamb for all you who are in Colorado!) when it was on sale late last¬†summer. Now is the perfect time to run it through its paces!

Yarn Play: Berroco Maya. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play: Berroco Maya. www.tabethahedrick.comIt.is.irresistible.

Soft, silky pima cotton and a hint of baby alpaca come together just beautifully in a unique chainette construction (essentially a hollow knitted tube). The results are smooth, stretchy, and wildly lightweight. I’m enamored with the subtle texture the yarn has on its own and it seems to lend itself well to stockinette stitch, knits and purls, or gentle lace.

Yarn Play: Berroco Maya. www.tabethahedrick.com Yarn Play: Berroco Maya. www.tabethahedrick.comTake note, though, that chainette yarns can be a little finicky for the beginning knitter, with snags or splitting at risk, so stick with your more blunt-tipped needles as a precaution.

When you need a summery soft yarn, you’ll look no further than Maya. It is lavish in its softness, feather-light feel, and stunning results. Come in by tomorrow and I’ll share the stitch pattern for your own yarn play.Stitch Play: Softly Summer. www.tabethahedrick.com

Yarn Play: Berroco Maya. www.tabethahedrick.com

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