This past week or so, I’ve been hard at work on Fall Collections, writing, planning (oh, LOTS and LOTS of planning), and playing house-hold catch-up from my trip to Texas earlier this month. My brain has been really stretched in different directions, but surprisingly, I’ve been super productive (which is saying something. Haha!). It has been wonderful to work in a relatively consistent time frame, which for anyone who knows me, is a highly unusual thing. I’ve spent my “off” hours in the evening knitting on personal projects for once! GASP! Well, to be fair, I DO have the holidays approaching far faster than I prefer …

You might remember the blanket project I started a while back? I pulled it out to continue and I’m loving the soft colors and gentle weight on my lap as I work.
It’s a pretty basic square shape, with a line of yarn overs at every corner, but there is one cool technique that I set out to learn in the beginning. Have you ever heard of the Magic Ring Cast-On? It’s a crochet technique used to create a circular join with a few stitches. I have zero clue if I did it right (mine looks a little funky), but I like the simplicity of it once you figure it out. KNITFreedom has a fantastic video tutorial; clear, concise, and easy to follow. Definitely check it out HERE.

Have you ever tried this particular cast-on technique? If not, what is your favorite circular cast-on method?

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2 thoughts on “A Blanket to Knit

  • August 11, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    I’ve used the magic loop many, many times in crochet but never with knitting. This has piqued my interest. I can see how this could work with DPNs but not with circs.


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