Tinking Fisherman’s Rib (Knit One Below)

The Fisherman’s Rib is an interesting stitch that provides a unique challenge to many intermediate knitters. Knitting into the stitch below the one already on the needle seems a wee bit counter-intuitive. The worst part, though, is that tinking, or undoing the Fisherman’s Rib can easily be a nightmare. Trust me. Been there and done aaaaaaall that. But, it is totally worth it – this particular stitch pattern creates a beautiful lofty fabric that suits a large variety of projects.

Cable Cast-On Tutorial

The Cable Cast-On is great for casting-on at the beginning of a piece, enabling you to maintain a pattern motif, choose your own length, and retain shape. The edge is firm, yet elastic, with a great look. It is quite difficult to actually be sloppy with this technique. Ruth, over at Knitting on Impulse, has a very detailed explanation of the advantages, look, and disadvantages of this cast-on.